Go Back One Step

The Portable Theatre and Meeting Space is a nomadic structure for artists and the public designed to collect, exchange and spread ideas, as well as information, around the world. It will reach the attention of audiences from various social and cultural backgrounds, making art and information more readily accessible.

The mobile structure has been designed to accommodate changes as it travels. Its flexibility will allow it to adapt to different locations and cultural contexts. Formed of six independent modules, it can be shaped according to the needs of local communities, audiences and collaborators through a process of addition, subtraction and manipulation.

Back in London, when not traveling, the modules can be installed independently as ‘Samples’, creating active cultural pockets around the city where local people and artists can come together. They can also be a place where new ideas can be tested on a small scale. The Samples will bring back the flavour and experiences of their journeys, telling stories and generally spreading the word.

The internal layouts of the Portable Theatre and Meeting Space comprise lightweight modular partitions and flexible furniture and fittings to accommodate multiple uses within. It is designed to be lightweight and easily demountable to facilitate transport and installation.

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