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Completed January 2008

Working with a site of just 150m², sene.studio’s key challenge on this project was to give their client the greatest amount of living space possible while also maximising the penetration of light and air through the house.

As the visitor moves through the house views are framed and different moods suggested through the variety of spaces, small gardens, bright light, warm colour and texture.

Designed following the principle of Association, detail elements borrowed from local heritage and arts allow those who encounter the house to engage with it in a variety of ways. The use of local construction methods and craft skills further strengthen the project’s local identity.

While sitting comfortably in its streetscape, Khady’s House is strikingly different from its neighbours. Its boldly articulated facade creates a monumentality which is surprising in a building of such modest scale. This monumentality is however tempered by movement and playfulness which give the house its own distinctive character.

Total floor area: 204m²

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